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Reservations are awesome. We know some restaurants eschew reservations, we wish them all the best, but to be honest we love to know you’re coming. We love knowing how many of you are coming, when you plan on arriving and any other bits of information you think might help to ensure your experience with us is everything you expect it to be.

We also don’t mind how you make a reservation. People like to make reservations on the phone but we have also taken bookings via our Twitter feed and our Facebook page. We will answer a query from anywhere. By far the simplest and most efficient way to make a reservation is via our online Dimmi widget (see the orange box below and floating around the top right of every page on this website).

Of course, because our world is sometimes complicated, there are some conditions we need to apply to reservations. We gleefully accept reservations for 7 guests or less but if your party is any larger our sense of fair play and need to produce a consistent restaurant experience for all kicks in and we kindly steer you in a more specific direction. You can read all about our Group Bookings Policy here.

Having said this we never say no to people who choose to simply walk in. Actually, that’s a lie. We do say no if the restaurant is booked out but there are seats at the bar and the window we never reserve and they are allocated on a first come, first serve basis.

So if you’re making lunch or dinner plans we would love to hear from you but if you’re casually sauntering by our front door feel free to pop your head in and see if we have a free table or a seat at the bar.

Vive La Reservation!!


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The best value early week dining in Sydney

The best value early week dining in Sydney

Offered all day Tuesday & Wednesday as well as Saturday lunchtime the Menu 49 concept is simple. Order any 3 courses from our regular a la carte menu (entree/main course/dessert) for only $49 per person.