Bishop Sessa is located at the southern end of Crown Street, between Devonshire Street and Cleveland Street.

Unfortunately the restaurant does not have a dedicated parking area but if you’re thinking of driving to the restaurant here are your parking options:

Option One – Crown Street, between Devonshire and Cleveland, has metered parking with a 2 hour time limit.

Option Two – The side streets around Bishop Sessa, in the block between Devonshire & Cleveland and Nickson & Marlborough have free parking available with various time limits between 1 and 2 hours. There are also an extremely limited number of parking spaces with no limitations on a Saturday but you’ll have more luck finding hen’s teeth.

Option Three – Forget driving and catch a taxi for ease, convenience and the blessed relief of not having to worry about that extra glass of wine.



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The best value early week dining in Sydney

The best value early week dining in Sydney

Offered all day Tuesday & Wednesday as well as Saturday lunchtime the Menu 49 concept is simple. Order any 3 courses from our regular a la carte menu (entree/main course/dessert) for only $49 per person.