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Saucy! – A 5 course degustation celebrating the Art of the Sauce – Nov 30 – $149pp


August Escoffier said the ‘grandeur’ of French cuisine came from the sauces. Join us for a saucy degustation across 5 courses and 8 matched wines to celebrate the Art of the Sauce.

On November 30 we will Celebrate the Sauce with a special 5 course degustation where the heroine will be the sauce. Chef Paul will channel his inner Escoffier to tantalise you with a series of dishes, all paying homage to sauces: the sticky, the slick, the fragrant and the fresh.

Blue swimer crab, cucumber, basil
red claw yabbies, pickled mackerel, corn watermelon
Rabbit carbonara
handmade tagliatelle, peas
Chimi Churri, Sriracha, Jus Gras
Coal grilled lamb shoulder, potato gratin
Creme Anglaise
Poached nectarine, popcorn caramel, meringue

And in case you were wondering, licking will not only be allowed, it will be encouraged.